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An examination of the religious books of the different religions conclusively proves that the belief in the Promised Mahdi is not exclusive only to the Muslims. Even other religions have this belief as is illustrated:

1. Kitab us Zind the religious book of the Parsis mentions about the end of Injustice and the victory of the righteous as follows: “There is a constant conflict between the armies of Ahriman and Yazdan for supremacy in the land. Though mostly Ahriman is victorious yet Yazdan is never fully vanquished such that neither he nor his progeny remain. In difficulties, 

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4th Rabil Al Awwal - Wafat: Masooma-e-Qum (SA)

8th Rabil Al AwwalMartyrdom: Imam Hasan Askari (AS)

9th Rabil Al AwwalEid-e-Zehra (SA)