cultural counseling

In today's fast moving world, where businesses extend across demographics without boundaries, interacting with people from across cultures has its own challenges. These problems are deeply rooted in human behavior and are the result of individuals’ cultural influence. It is, therefore, important to understand the underlying cultural norms in order to successfully manage business from diverse cultures.

At KICEA we offer cultural counseling to those individuals who intend to operate in countries having Islamic cultures. These counseling sessions cover two broad topics:
Understanding Cultural Differences:
- Impact of cultural differences
- Motivation Systems in different cultures
- Conflict resolutions under different cultures
- Individualism/Collectivism
- Masculinity/Femininity as it relates to Islamic Cultures

Solutions to overcome cultural differences:
- Preparation Strategies
- Engaging in common Languages
- Different Leadership Strategies

A short note on nikah/marriages service (merits of marriage etc.)

Marriage is building block of family life in Islam and it is an important element of social life and advancement of human race. Married couples enjoy numerous health, social and economical benefits over singles.

KICEA promotes this sacred bondage between young men and women by uniting couples from different cultures. Multi-cultural marriages are difficult to deal with during early days. KICEA offers cultural counseling to young couples on Islamic and Korean Cultures for happier married life. 

A short note on funerals/Medical

KICEA offers following help in performing the funeral services (Tashi-e-Janazah):

- Bathing the dead body (Ghuzl-e-Mayyat)
- Enshrouding dead body in a white cotton or linen cloth (Kafan)
- Funeral prayer (Salaat-e-Janazah)
- Burial of the dead body in a grave facing him towards Ka'abah.

Medical Help by community Medical Practitioners is also available for consultation, please see 'contact us' for details.