Purposes of KICEA

To promote Islam in South Korea according to the teachings of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) and Ahlu1bayt (AS).

To safeguard and further the religious, moral, social and educational interests of the Shia Muslims and their families.

To create, cultivate and maintain harmony and understanding between the members of the community belonging to different countries of the world and between other communities of different religion, race and creed in South Korea.

To promote the publication of Islamic literature in Korean language.

To provide a proper Islamic education and training to the members of Shia community as a whole, and in particular to the children who are born and raised in Korea require more attention as they face various pressures, both social and psychological, which cause them to divert from the teachings of Islam and its sacred values.

To undertake other activities for the welfare and benefit of the followers of the Shia Ithna Asheri Jafri faith.